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The New Alchemy Repack for Win32 is Released! Donwload it!


Je ne vais pas tout réécrire en Français, je vous colle le post que j’ai placé chez Adobe Labs. Pour rappel, Alchemy est un outil en ligne de commande (langage linux) basé sur Cygwin et LLVM afin de compiler du code C/C++ en SWF ou SWC que le player 10 et supérieur sait exécuter. Tout ça en est au stade d’expérimentation et Adobe attend de voir si la communauté lui porte un interêt suffisant avant de décider du devenir d’Alchemy (3 ans déjà que ce projet à vu le jour). J’ai réalisé ce repack pour la communauté afin d’en rendre l’installation et l’usage plus facile.

Le site Alchemy:

02/11/2011 - Second version is relased.


This repack contains only the files necessary to Alchemy compilation. It’s only 30 MB! Much better than the 500MB with Cygwin by default. It installs in seconds. (0 Step config)
Win32 version, It has been tested on XP SP3 and Seven.

It was designed for the community AS3, for their life easier and for those who don’t know the Linux language or bash system. It does not require any particular stage of installation or configuration.


- Auto installation of files, Shorcuts, and cie
- Choice of installation destination
- Generating user passwd and group files
- Generating user profile bashrc
- Auto setup of Alchemy paths
- Auto config Alchemy and link LLVM
- Windows Full Paths navigation (Helper fx)
- Fast compiler functions (Helpers fx)
- Clean on/off  (Clear tempory files .as, .abc, .o, ..) Default = on

Tip to navigate to a folder very easily

In the console, type: go (followed by a space)
Then, click the folder of your choice in the File Explorer and drag and drop over the console, clic for reset focus and press Enter.

To test

Enter cd sample and enter swc test.c . You should get this screen and a new test.swc must be in the current directory. (The test below was done with clean = off)


I also tinkered an icon.


I share with you this job! I hope it will work with you as well as at home. If this is not the case, I suggest you follow the “Getting Started” offered by the site Labs.

You can download the Alchemy Repack here:

Please note, you must install JRE first!

I’m busy writing a tutorial on Alchemy (in french), its use,its mechanism, its API and use gluegen. Soon, it will be ok, it will be posted on my blog.

Et voilà! Have fun!

PS: Why not distribute it on the page Alchemy Adobe Labs..

Sorry for my bad English, thank you google translator for the help

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